First Baptist Church
Thursday, June 20, 2019
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age 19 - 64

At First Baptist Church, our Adult Ministry is our largest generational group. Our Young Adults (ages 19-44) and our Median Adults (ages 45-64) are extremely involved in other ministries. Many work with our children, our youth and our senior adults. Thus, it is easy for the spiritual needs of these members to be overlooked as they focus on others. As a church family, we are intentional in our effort to reach out and minister directly to young and median adults. 




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Young Adults in Fellowship

The fellowship needs of many adults are met as they interact with other parents at church, at school or on the sidelines of an athletic field. Still, there are times when a busy couple just needs to get away. In order to meet this need, we regularly sponsor a Mom's Night Out or Dad's Night Out. The spouses responsible for child care usually get together as well. Occasionally, we have a Couple's Night Out, with church members watching the kids so Mom and Dad can get a much needed break and some time alone.
By reaching out through young and median adults, we are intentionally inviting them to participate in our Bible studies, fellowship, music and missions. Part of this endeavor involves engaging parents whose children and youth participate in AWANA's and in The Exchange. These parents often have no other connection to the church except for the involvement of their kids. When we see parents at school activities, children's clubs and sports events, we are very intentional in reaching out and inviting them to join us.
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We are happy to provide a variety of small group discipleship classes held throughout the week. Many of our men participate in a Sunday afternoon class focusing on prayer, Scripture memory, a devotional book and a time of fellowship. Our women are active in various Chronological Bible Studies, First Friday gatherings and a few Beth Moore conferences per year. We also offer topical Bible Study Fellowships held throughout the week on campus or in homes, so people can grow closer to Jesus and to each other. 


Using many different approaches, our young and median adults provide the vast majority of the music we enjoy in worship services. Our largest musical group is our Sanctuary Choir which sings almost every Sunday. We also hear from time to time from our vocal ensemble, an audition group known simply as Celebration. On many special occasions and holidays, our Handbell Choir performs. We also have a Worship Band that provides accompaniment every Sunday morning. You can always find a place to share your talent.  
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Our adults are extremely active in "hands on" missions work. Some have participated in Construction Missions, typically framing up a small church in another state. Others have been active with Medical and Dental Missions in Honduras. Still others answered God's call to serve in Haiti, helping children in orphanages and sharing God's love in one of the poorest communities on the planet. As we encourage personal involvement, we also believe in sacrificially giving to support our full time missionaries on the field.