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Thursday, June 20, 2019
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birth - grade 5

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of ministry activities for our preschoolers and children. Our babies and toddlers receive the best of care in a nursery staffed with trained workers. Our goal is for each child to know they are a special creation of God and that Jesus loves them. When they reach an age of understanding, we want to help them trust in Christ as their Lord and Savior, be baptized into the membership of the church and begin growing in Christ. Even children can minister within the church and share the love of Jesus with others.




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 Easter Egg Hunt
In the life of a child, fellowship is really much more than just fun and games. Kids are learning to socialize, to share, to play fairly, to take turns, to respect others, and to form friendships at church. The way a child treats people in the sandbox today impacts the way an adult will treat people in the boardroom tomorrow. We introduce kids to safe, fun experiences like sports, games, swimming, movies, Easter egg hunts, day trips, camps and many other activities. They are learning they can have fun at church! 
As an outreach to our community, we offer a variety of activities open to any child who desires to attend. Our goal is to meet the spiritual and social needs of every child as we seek to introduce them to Jesus. One very popular outreach event is our Vacation Bible School. The majority of the kids who attend are not yet members of our church. However, as we share with them, and they get to know us better, they often grow more comfortable here over time and decide to trust in Christ and join the church family.
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Jesus taught that people enter the Kingdom with the trusting heart of a child. Kids are so eager to learn and are extremely capable of absorbing biblical truth. One of our most exciting children's ministries is AWANA, an acronym standing for "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed," which is drawn from the verse 2 Timothy 2:15. Through the use of games, activities and fellowship, kids learn Bible verses, make friends and have fun all at the same time. AWANA is a great way to teach your child the truth of God's Word.


Is there anything more delightful than the sweet strains of children's voices singing their praises to Jesus? We are so pleased to offer a complete choral program beginning with our preschoolers and extending to our younger and older children. Not only do these choirs sing occasionally in worship, but they also present both a Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert every year. Our older children attend a music camp every summer and may even audition for the Alabama Baptist State Honor Choir.   
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Here at First Baptist Church, we offer our children two excellent avenues to explore the world of missions. Our boys participate in Royal Ambassadors—RA's, while our girls participate in Girls in Action—GA's. Each club engages children in various missions activities, such as nursing home visitation, volunteer projects, and writing letters of encouragement to missionaries. Rewards are earned for accomplishments in missions work and in Bible memorization. Children learn to honor the role of a missionary.