West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Monday, June 25, 2018

Weekly Church Bulletin


242 Main Street, North Chelmsford, MA  01863

Pastor – Rev. Mack Hagins   

 Telephone – (978) 251-4834  email:office@wcumc.us

Web Address: wcumc.us


4th Sunday after Pentecost                                                 June 17, 2018                                                                           9:00a.m.



*Opening Hymn – "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus"               UMH 277


*Call to Worship

Fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers,

Families in all shapes and sizes,

Come and worship.

Loud singers and quiet hummers,

Quick learners and patient teachers,

Ocean surfers and mountain climbers,

Come and worship.

We who feel younger than springtime or older than the hills,

Come and worship.

We who go faster than the speed of light or slower than molasses,

Come and worship

On this special holy day,

Come and worship.


  Prayer of Confession  

Lord Jesus, God of each step, you walk with us on our journeys. Through our valleys of despair, our mountains of accomplishment and our twisting paths of transition, you are with us. Yet, we often think we made it by ourselves, refusing to acknowledge your gentle nudges, discounting the helping hands along the way, not noticing the prayers that followed us and went before us each step of the way. We have not been alone, though at times we could only see our single footprints, feel our over-whelming responsibility, hear only our heartbeat of depression Loving Jesus, God of each step, you smooth the path in front of us; you hide a prayer in every tree; you send friends to accompany us, whose appearance on the path is not mere coincidence; and you tilt our eyes to the future. Thanks be to you, O God, Friend, Savior and Companion on the way, Amen.


  Words of Assurance                                                

  Sharing of Joys and Concerns

  Silent Prayer

  Call to Prayer

      The Lord be with you.

      And also with you.

      Let us continue to pray

  Prayer/Lord’s Prayer


*Presentation of Gifts with Doxology                                   UMH  94

*Prayer of Dedication


  Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

  Bethlehem to Cana

*Hymn – "Lord, You Have Come to the Lakeshore”             UMH 344                                            


  Special Music – “I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked”

                                                                                             Geoffrey O'Hara


*Closing Hymn – “He Lives”                                                UMH 310





            *Those who are able please stand.


We extend a warm greeting to all who worship here today. We especially greet those persons who are visitors. Please sign the friendship pad.


UMH refers to The United Methodist Hymnal


TodayThe Staff/Parish Relations Committee is conducting the service, members of the committee are: Bill Evans, Elly Evans, Derek Gregoire, Keith Luscombe, Ellen O’Neill, David Troughton, Mary Lynne Weinbeck, Margaret Wilkinson


   Minister of Music – Karen Leonard 

   Soloist – Sarah Laflamme       







Sunday June 17 Happy Father’s Day!

              9:00am – Worship Service and Nursery care

            10:00am – Refreshments/fellowship outside


   4:00pm – Cub Scout leaders meet


Monday – 4:00pm – Girl Scouts             7:00pm – AA

                  7:30pm – Charge Conference/Administrative Board

Tuesday – 7:30pm – Occasional Ringers

Wednesday6:00pm – Boy Scout Picnic        


Sunday June 24 9:00am – Worship Service and Nursery care

   10:00am – Refreshments/fellowship outside


The Flowers on the altar this morning are given to the Glory of God by the O’Neill family in memory of Ellen’s father, Jim Kester and Gary’s father, John O’Neill.


Please check the flower calendar in the narthex, there is still an opening on July 22nd.  Thank you


There will be a Special Charge Conference meeting on Monday June 18th at 7:30p.m. – The agenda will be to act on the lay Leadership report. There will be an Administrative Board meeting following the Charge Conference.


Summer RefreshmentsA sign up list is on the table next to the entrance to the sanctuary for anyone who would like to help provide refreshments for our summer Sundays. (The months of July and August are still open!) All you need to do is provide and serve cold drinks and finger foods.  The church provides cups, napkins, and a table.  If you have any questions please contact Debbie Allen (978-251-4511).


On-Going Prayer Requests:

  Victims of violence of all kinds

  Victims of racism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance

  Pray for a peaceful resolution with North Korea


UMARMY is coming to stay at our church on July 8-14thPre-site day for this camp is Saturday June 23, 9:30-1pm. Pre-siting involves going out to meet the client's and reviewing the work they have requested to be done.  It is a great way to witness the type of work the youth do during their week at camp.  If you can help out please see the signup sheet on the window in the Education Building!  If you have any questions see Elly or Lori.