St. Timothy on the Northshore
Friday, August 23, 2019

Memorial Garden


The Memorial Garden is a beautiful addition to the St. Timothy United Methodist Church campus.  An extension of the new sanctuary, we honor those who have served in life and whose memories are lovingly cherished within its quiet environs. The Garden, with its abundant plantlife and relaxing fountains, presents an opportunity to pause, pray, and offer thanks for life.

The Memorial Garden was established to serve as a repository for the cremated remains of members of the church. Each cremant is recognized with a plaque and is either buried directly in the ground without a container or reverently scattered within the perimeter of the Garden.

Reservations for the Garden are for members of St. Timothy UMC and their relatives and include burials, memorial services and special assemblies. Each reservation and service is approved by the Memorial Garden Committee upon concurrence by the senior pastor. We believe that persons electing this form of interment are preserving reverence for the deceased while allowing the family to reduce overall expenses.

Fees and Costs

Fees for the private use of the Garden are set to insure proper, perpetual maintenance of all its facilities. The fee for this service is presently $520 per interment, including a plaque noting the name of the deceased, year of birth and year of death. All plaques are of equal size and are placed on designated panels on the garden wall. A star is cast on the plaque to indicate that the ashes are interred in the Garden. St. Timothy United Methodist Clergy will assist in arranging an appropriate service of consecration.

Church members wishing to recognize loved ones interred elsewhere may purchase a plaque for $220. The plaque will contain the name of the deceased, year of birth, and year of death, and will not feature the star. In this instance, services are not normally associated with the placement of plaques.

For More Information

Call the church office at (985)-626-3307