St. Timothy on the Northshore
Friday, August 23, 2019

Equipment Setup Request

Thanks for choosing to have your event at St. Timothy on the Northshore UMC. We request you fill out this form to ensure that the proper sound and or video equipment is setup for the day of your event. If you have any questions please contact Trevor Cassidy, Director of Technical Ministries, at or by phone at 985.249.8994.

First Name  Last Name 
Contact Number   Alt. Contact Number 

Where is your event being held? 
Will you need microphones? 
How many will you need? 
Will you be using instruments? 

If you selected YES to instruments, in the box below list what you will have.

Do you need a projector? 
Will you need to play a DVD/VHS Tape or show a presentation via a computer? 
If you selected COMPUTER PRESENTATION, do you need to borrow a laptop with PowerPoint or MediaShout? 
If you selected COMPUTER PRESENTATION, does the computer you will be using need sound to run into a sound system? 

Please give a brief description of your event below.