St. Timothy on the Northshore
Friday, August 23, 2019

Honoring our Service Personnel the weekend of May 16-17.  
This is Armed Forces Day also , so it is a good time to honor our Service personnel.  
       - will have many patriotic decorations for two weekends
       - special services May 16-17
       - tribute to our service personnel
       - special music
       - honor guard
"Operation We Care" is a local organization who sends 50-100 Care Packages to our service personnel each month.  They solicit donations of 15+ items for the boxes, fill the boxes and mail them to the service personnel.  We will be encouraging the congregation's participation in this program in several ways
     General information:  
The cost of the items in the Care Packages is approx. $25 and it costs $9.95 to mail each box.
     1.  Congregation to donate items. There will be picture cards to highlight the items in the packages
     2.  Monetary donations to help purchase items needed to fill the packages and to cover the shipping cost
     3. Servants (volunteers) to assist in filling the care packages on the second Wednesday of each month at 8:30 am at the Safe Storage facilities on Route 190 (Near our old East Campus)
     4. Congregation to write letters of appreciation to service personnel
     5. Children prepare greeting cards for service personnel
     6. Servants to assist leaders of Operation We Care in other logistical needs.