St. Timothy on the Northshore
Friday, August 23, 2019


About Our Nursery

The nursery at St. Timothy is staffed by paid, CPR certified, trained workers.  The children are in 5 different nursery rooms depending on their age and developmental level. Each of our nursery rooms are equipped with all supplies necessary for allowing the children to have a safe, fun and creative experience.

The Nursery is open as follows:

  • For all Sunday services, 8 AM - 12 noon
  • For Saturday evening service, 5:15 – 6:45 PM
  • Monday - Thursday mornings, 9 AM - 12 noon
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening, 6 - 9 PM
  • Please check with your group leader for all other times
Parent Responsibilities

1.                Parents are encouraged to label all items with the child’s name.
2.                Parents must register their child with the Nursery Department.
3.                On Sunday mornings, parents must check-in before taking their child to the nursery.
4.                To reduce congestion, only one parent should drop off and pick up each child.  Please ask other siblings not to enter the Nursery.

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedure

Separation can be traumatic.  You can help us lessen the possibility of your child's unhappiness in three ways:

1.                Please wait in the doorway entrance when you arrive and return to pick up your child.  Disruption and confusion are often the unnecessary result of people walking through the Nursery, visiting with friends, looking for belongings, etc.  Our staff is prepared to take your child's belongings and smooth each child's transition from parent to nursery and back.
2.                Please say good-bye to your child quickly, firmly, and with the assurance that you will return for them soon.  It will not take long for your child to accept separation if they receive a clear message from everyone that although you have gone, you will definitely come back.  If you leave while your child is distracted, they will only have a more difficult time learning to trust.
3.                Please return promptly after the service or class to pick up your child.  This will reinforce the trust and confidence which we are trying to develop, and will also be appreciated by our staff.

Sick Policy

Your child will not be happy or comfortable in the Nursery is he/she is sick.  You can help prevent other children from becoming ill by not bringing your child to the Nursery when he/she has had: a fever in the last 24 hours, a runny nose, vomiting or diarrhea, open sores or rashes, or conjunctivitis (pink eye).

The staff is not permitted to administer medication.  Should a child be identified as ill, parents will be located and expected to pick up the child immediately.  Please be responsible in reporting contagious illnesses to the Nursery Coordinator or workers.


Please be advised that we do not recommend children be left in the Nursery until they have begun their immunizations.  For the well being of all children, keep your child's immunizations current.

Special Needs Children

If you child has a special need that should be brought to the attention of our Nursery staff, please contact Wendy Ruby

We do offer a nursery at 11:00 for children with disabilities. It is staffed by specialized workers who have experience working with children with special needs. We require prior notification of your child’s arrival so that we can be adequately staffed and prepared.

Vibrating Pagers

To ensure that we can serve you to the best of our ability, a Nursery worker will assign you a vibrating pager when you leave your child in our Nursery.  Please wear this pager or hold it in your hand so that if the Nursery worker or your child needs you, we can contact you as quickly as possible.

Health Standards

There are several health standards that we follow in the Nursery besides those listed in the Sick Policy section.

1.                Any person changing a diaper is required to use disposable vinyl gloves and thoroughly wash hands afterwards.
2.                All changing tables are covered with a fresh paper liner after each use.
3.                Toys are washed regularly.
4.                Linens are changed after each use.
5.                The Nursery environment is inspected regularly to ensure that it is clean and safe.

If you have any questions about our Nursery contact Wendy Ruby.